Sunday, October 21, 2018

Talking To Cleanse The Soul {Day 13:Talk}

Stringing words together,
Forming sentences into
Long conversations
Lasting well into the night.
This is the type of talk I love.

Sharing our dreams, goals, beliefs
And what lies deep in our souls.
Sharing with one who truly understands
One who will not try to fix
Advise or roll their eyes.
Just listen
Just understand
Accept all of me
And share themselves .

A talk like that
Refreshes the heart
And clears the mind.
A talk like that
Opens new pathways
And helps us get a glimpse
If only for a moment
Into each others lives.

I have talks like this
In my mind
In my dreams
But not so much
Out loud.
Fear binds my tongue.

God hears
When my heart cries out
When my mind has jumbled thoughts
When my soul speaks.
That's enough.


shannan williams said...

Oh I love this! I talk to God so much in my mind in my thoughts. I need to be brave and talk to Him outloud too. Great post!

MoonDove said...

Thank you!!