Sunday, October 21, 2018

Just Ask {Day 14:Ask}

For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. - Luke 11:10 

I asked for strength,
He gave it.
I asked to be saved, 
He saved me.
I asked to understand,
He gave me wisdom.
I asked for answers,
He spoke through His Word.
I asked for love,
He poured it down and filled me with it.
I asked for hope,
He shared what I needed to hold on to.
I asked for help,
He made a way.
I am still asking, 
He is still providing what I need.

Have you asked Him?

Talking To Cleanse The Soul {Day 13:Talk}

Stringing words together,
Forming sentences into
Long conversations
Lasting well into the night.
This is the type of talk I love.

Sharing our dreams, goals, beliefs
And what lies deep in our souls.
Sharing with one who truly understands
One who will not try to fix
Advise or roll their eyes.
Just listen
Just understand
Accept all of me
And share themselves .

A talk like that
Refreshes the heart
And clears the mind.
A talk like that
Opens new pathways
And helps us get a glimpse
If only for a moment
Into each others lives.

I have talks like this
In my mind
In my dreams
But not so much
Out loud.
Fear binds my tongue.

God hears
When my heart cries out
When my mind has jumbled thoughts
When my soul speaks.
That's enough.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Praising In The Darkness {Day 12: Praise}

In the darkest of days I catch myself waking up singing a praise song in my head. It may be on I heard the day before or one I haven't heard in years. I am grateful for those mornings because it reminds me of where my focus needs to be. Especially when I am overwhelmed with life.

This is something I do only in the presence of my husband or alone - I break out in song at the most random times. When we used to work for the newspaper we would go out delivering together and when our radio didn't work I would sing bits and pieces of songs as they popped into my head. I think I drove my husband crazy! It helped me though. It helped to relieve stress, let out some feelings through song, and most times lift up some praise to God.

Music has been a huge part of my life. I was the kid, teen, young adult, 40 year old woman (now) with headphones on listening to the most eclectic mix of songs you can imagine. I used to make mixed tapes and cds based on what I was feeling. One cd I remember started with a hard rock song, then a Spanish pop song, then a Christian praise song, and on it went like that. Every moment the was something different. A different emotion ran through me as I listened and sang each word. The song didn't dictate my emotion, my emotion dictated what song I would listen to.

Recently, I have tried to add much more praise and worship music to that list. Much of that is based on where my focus is most days, on God. I know that no matter how dark the days get, He is worthy of all praise, honor, and glory.

Here is a song I have been singing in my head when I wake up. I hope you like it!

Shalom Aleichem

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Doors Lead to a Great Many Places {Day 11: Door}

We walk through so many doors in life. Some lead to magnificent places and others lead to horrible ones. I have walked through doors that led to new jobs, meeting new people, and fun. I have walked through doors that have led to loss, hurt feelings, and panic. 

As a matter of fact I just found a story I begin writing in 2000 and it reminded me of a door I walked through accidentally and it was quite hilarious. I was 17 years old I believe and it was my first summer staying in the dorms of our local university as a part of the Upward Bound program for High School students. I met one of my best friend's there and it was her door I ran through instead of mine.

It was lights out and we all had to be in our own rooms. For some reason we were all daring each other to run through the hall and get back to the room before the counselors caught us. It was my turn. I went the the bathroom and then ran in my sock covered feet on the slippery hallway floor and could barley contain my laughter. Footsteps, panic, and I ran for what I thought was my door. Nope! It took me a few seconds to realize it. I even asked, "why are you in my room?" Then it dawned on me and the laughter erupted and I slipped back through the door and finally into my own room. These types of moments were rare for me. I was shy and afraid to draw attention to myself. Even now, writing this, my cheeks flush and I feel that embarrassment set it.

Now for a more serious door.  The door that lead me to salvation and a closer wall with God. I was very young when I sought this door out. Even then I was tired of this world. The loss and traumas of a childhood can do that to a girl. I heard so many times that this Creator loved me, wanted me to choose Him, and would give me a better life (I didn't understand then that the better life may come after this one). I heard the story if Jesus' sacrifice and why He had done it. How could I refuse to wall through that door!? 

It was the best decision I have ever made! Life has still been hard, traumatic at times, has had loss, grief, sadness but through it all I have hope is the One who made me and His promises. I have seen His hand at work in my life even in the darkest of times. 

There have been moments when I wanted to walk out of that door and leave all my faith behind. But I held on. Sometimes just with the edge of my fingers. It was enough though because that is when He reached out, grabbed my hand, and pulled me back up.

Will you walk through that door if you haven't already? If you have, how old were you when you did?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

How Do I Live? {Day 10: How}

About 30 years ago (10 years old) I wondered, "how I, a little girl, could live like Yeshua (Jesus)?" I went to Sunday school classes, listened to the sermons from the pulpit, attended VBS, and read my Bible.  One thing was clear, even then, love God and love others.

How do I do that? Well, in 30 years this is what I have learned:

💜 To love Yahweh (God) is to take time to get to know Him.

😇Read the Bible
😇Learn and follow His commandments
😇Pray - be in constant communication with Him.
😇Surrender your life to Him.
😇Choose Him.
😇Confess, repent, be baptized, change your life.
😇Live like His Son, Yeshua (Jesus).
😇Be faithful

💜To live and love like Yeshua and to love Him is to take time to get to know Him.

😇Read the Bible
😇Follow in His footsteps
😇Take time to be alone with Yahwineh
😇Be an example of love and goodness
😇Speak truth
😇Follow the commandments
😇Confess, repent, be baptized in His name
😇Love people
😇Be faithful

💜To love people is to see them through the eyes of Yahweh and...

😇Be genuine
😇Be honest
😇Be compassionate
😇Be patient
😇Be kind
😇Be gentle
😇Be faithful
😇Be helpful
😇Be understanding 
😇Be a light in their darkness
😇Tell them about the love of Yahweh
😇Tell them about Salvation through Yeshua

This is a short list of the things I have learned to help me answer the question my 10 year old self had, "How do I live like Yeshua?"

Your Story Can Inspire {Day 9: Inspire}

In my first blog post of this 31 day series I mentioned that I loved listening to a person tell a story. When we share our stories we can inspire and encourage others.  We can help people understand they are not alone in their struggles.

Throughout the Bible there are inspiring stories. Some help to strengthen our faith, our prayer life, and our hope. Some teach us lessons, some tell us how to live, and some give us a glimpse into the future.

One story I always think about when I feel like I am losing my hope is Hannah's. Day after day she longed for a child. She was made to feel as if she was inferior by Penninah, who "provoked (Hannah) severely to make her miserable, because the LORD had closed her womb." Even still she held on to God. She cried out to Him, "O LORD of hosts, of You will indeed look on  the affliction of Your maidservant and remember me, and not forget Your maidservant,  but will give Your maidservant a Male child, then I will give Him to the LORD all the days of his life, and no razor shall come upon his head."

We know that He heard her and granted her prayer. She kept her vow to God and gave Samuel to Him in service. "For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted my petition which I asked of Him."

This story touches my heart for many reasons. But today I want to share why it inspires me. Hannah, even though loved by her husband, had to share him with Penninah who had children while Hannah couldn't. Penninah made Hannah's life miserable. How many of us have been made miserable by another person's words and actions (maybe not another wife, thank God, but someone)? Many times because of those hurts we lose hope, faith, and at times even stop praying. Hannah held on! She knew, in His perfect timing, she would conceive a child. She believed in the power of prayer! She cried out to Him, spoke to Him from her soul, and didn't care who witnessed her tearful plea. He granted her prayer.

We may need to wait awhile for the "yes," and sometimes we may need to learn the lesson of why the answer is a "no." We just need to hold on. Keep seeking Him out and crying out to Him.

Who will you inspire with your story?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

In The Arms Of Comfort {Day 8: Comfort}

Don' you just love those kind of hugs that melt away all the stresses of life? The hugs you fit so comfortably in, like they were made just for you? I do! I am not a huggy person by nature so finding these kind had an awkward beginning for me. Most of the time they made me feel trapped. My entire body would stiffen up and my mind said run! Yahweh God had another plan, He wanted me to feel comfort in hugs instead of panic.

About 22 or 23 years ago He allowed my path to cross with an wonderful godly woman. Every conversation was centered around His love and our need for Him. Our need for His comfort that nothing in this world could compare too. She is a hugger. She would make sure I got a hug everytime I saw her and she knew exactly how hugs made me feel but she wanted to teach me something. The lesson was, there is nothing to fear if given in Light of God's love.

Yahweh is the ultimate comforter. He can bring peace to a heart that is in chaos. He can strengthen the soul that is tired. He can mend the broken hearted. Sometimes He does this by using people who are filled with His love. At just the right moment they come into your life and teach you things like, hugs are good for you and to just relax!

How wonderful it is to have the ultimate comforter by my side! In the midst of life's hardest lessons, I know I will make it through. Not only do I get to dwell in God's presence but He has given me people who help me along life's rocky places and who rejoice with me when it's smooth sailing. 

Will you let Him comfort you today?