Saturday, October 27, 2018

Re-Start Believing {Day 21:Start}

We all want to believe in something.
We all want to believe we can do great things.
In the beginning maybe we do believe.
Then we forget.
Lose sight.
We stop believing.

Maybe it is time to
Re-start believing.
Recharge the batteries,
Reflect on the beauties,
Remember the miraculous

A pledge
A promise
To self.
Start believing
It will get better.
Start believing
Every day is a new beginning.
Start believing
In your abilities.
Start believing
You want to live.

Start speaking
Positive affirmations.
Start speaking
Life to your tired soul.
Start speaking
Love to your worn out heart.
Start speaking
Great things into existence.

Start trying
New things.
Start trying
To accept yourself.
Start trying
To understand yourself.
Start trying
To heal yourself .

In the believing,
In the speaking,
In the trying,
You start becoming.
You start growing.
You start seeing the wonderous beauty
That is living.

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