Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Just Pray {Day 16:Pray}

To pray is to hope,
To pray is to have faith,
To pray is to believe,
To pray is to communicate
with the One who knows.

Prayer is powerful.
Powerful enough to change our perspective,
Powerful enough to calm our fears,
Powerful enough to bridge the gap,
In Yeshua's Name.

Prayer helps me sleep,
Prayer helps me stay awake,
Prayer helps me endure the pain,
To hear, one day, "Well done."

Prayer brought me our of darkness,
Prayer brought me to true love,
Prayer brought me to forgiveness,
Nothing else would do.

To pray is peace,
To pray is strength,
To pray is grace,
It brings us to that sacred place.

To pray is honesty,
To pray is listening,
To pray is communication.
The ultimate love story.

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