Wednesday, October 10, 2018

In The Arms Of Comfort {Day 8: Comfort}

Don' you just love those kind of hugs that melt away all the stresses of life? The hugs you fit so comfortably in, like they were made just for you? I do! I am not a huggy person by nature so finding these kind had an awkward beginning for me. Most of the time they made me feel trapped. My entire body would stiffen up and my mind said run! Yahweh God had another plan, He wanted me to feel comfort in hugs instead of panic.

About 22 or 23 years ago He allowed my path to cross with an wonderful godly woman. Every conversation was centered around His love and our need for Him. Our need for His comfort that nothing in this world could compare too. She is a hugger. She would make sure I got a hug everytime I saw her and she knew exactly how hugs made me feel but she wanted to teach me something. The lesson was, there is nothing to fear if given in Light of God's love.

Yahweh is the ultimate comforter. He can bring peace to a heart that is in chaos. He can strengthen the soul that is tired. He can mend the broken hearted. Sometimes He does this by using people who are filled with His love. At just the right moment they come into your life and teach you things like, hugs are good for you and to just relax!

How wonderful it is to have the ultimate comforter by my side! In the midst of life's hardest lessons, I know I will make it through. Not only do I get to dwell in God's presence but He has given me people who help me along life's rocky places and who rejoice with me when it's smooth sailing. 

Will you let Him comfort you today?


shannan williams said...

Beautiful! I guess I am a hugger. And I’ve heard hugs are good for you. I try to hug grandma at least once every day. And when the kids are here my son is a total hugger. My daughter is kinda like how you described yourself. Thanks for sharing this 😊

MoonDove said...

Huggers are awesome! I am working on being a better hugger. Work in progress for sure.