Thursday, September 27, 2018

Three-fold Complete

Relationships based on the lust of the eyes will not withstand the storms of life. Attraction is important but as time goes on and we age looks fade. Material possessions will break, degrade, and become a trash heap in a dump somewhere. Lust of the eyes isn't just about the person we see but can be about the "shiny" things they can give us. Then the storm hits - sickness, financial hardships, differences in opinion and the love that should have held the two together crumbles.

Marriage is sacred in the eyes of God. He wants to be a part of it. He wants to shield and protect us from the storms that will inevitably come. He wants to be that third cord that holds it all together. The cord we hang on to when we can't seem to hang on to each other. 

When my husband and I were going to get married his mom gave us the scripture about the threefold cord. It has stuck with us both throughout the years. It has given me focus when things get hard.  I seek God when I don't know where else to go and He holds us together. I believed getting married was the answer to feeling and being complete but putting God in our marriage is what made it complete.

Every day I want to see my husband as God sees him. A wonderfully, fearfully, beautiful, son of the Most High. A gifted and talented man who is doing his best to live as God is showing him. Every day I want that threefold cord to bind our love together tighter and stronger. 

Will you choose to bring God into your life today? Will you allow Him to complete you?

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