Friday, September 7, 2018

For The Love Of Rain

Rain is my favorite type of weather! The cloudier the better!! I am one of those people who lives in a place where we have droughts and fire danger almost every year. Oh! But when it rains it is amazing!!

I love the smell of the wet earth. The way the raindrops feel on my skin. I love that the rain nourishes my plants and flowers and gives us all water to drink.

Our furbabies don't care much for the rain or the thunder and lightning. I on the other hand, love thunder storms! I remember as a child the power went off and my cousin and I couldn't watch whatever cartoon was on so instead we snuck over to the window to watch the lightning show. (I know, not the best idea!) I am just fascinated by it all.

When I saw today's prompt the scripture I shared from Psalms came to mind immediately. It is one of those scriptures that makes me treasure all the wonders that God has made and does for us. It brings to mind a song, "I stand, I stand in awe of You."

By the way when I opened the email today it had just started raining and it is still going!!

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Diana said...

I love the rain. Beautiful post.

Kimberly said...

I love the rain and watching thunderstorms. It smells so good and everything is so green afterward! Great post!

MoonDove said...

Thank you!

MoonDove said...

Yes!! It is such a wonderful thing! Thank you!