Saturday, September 22, 2018

Days Like Today

Days like today, 
I dread getting older.
Not for the typical reasons.
"Glitter"in your hair,
Laugh lines,
Wrinkled hands.
No, the reason is much deeper.

As I age,
They age.
As I get closer to my
Winter season.
They are living in it.

The sadness of loss,
The emptiness of their seat.
The heart breaking
For their lifetime love.

The cries of desperation
And disbelief.
There is no good answer.
Just and end.
To this life.

Days like today,
I dread getting older,
For fear of more loss.
So I reach out,
To the only One
Who can give me peace,
And assurance of,
"See you on the other side,"
Of this life.

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