Thursday, November 1, 2018

October Comes to a Close {Day 31: Close}

As October comes to a close
I wonder what did I accomplish.
I saw the leaves change colors
and some of them fall.
I notice the beauty in the rain
and gray clouds.

I lost two beloved pets
the heartbreak is intense.
They are like my children
not many understand.
Their love and personalities
all unique and amazing.

More self awareness
and tools to ground.
Learning to filter out the noise
and negative energy.
Recharging and reconnecting
with myself.

Flared days and brain fog
from bed to recliner.
Ice packs and heating pads
fuzzy socks and warm leggings.
Pillows for comfort
And fur baby snuggles.

Online book and Bible studies
Begin and end.
Lessons learned and
Friendships made.
Anticipation for the next one
Brings me hope.

Postcards and letters
Mailed out.
Brain dump journaling
And blogging.
Sharing my thoughts
In hopes that it encourages someone.

As October comes to a close
I know it may not be much
But I have accomplished
Some things.
This gives me motivation for
The opening of November.

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