Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bucket Listing

My friend Trish has been hosting Wacky Wednesday games for awhile now in a group on Facebook and recently she has been asking for - three things no one knows about us and our bucket list items. These questions really got me thinking - it forced me to look deep within and find things that I really wanted - for me. Honestly, I have never really allowed myself to dream of those types of things - afraid of failing and belief I wasn't worth succeeding. It is sad way to live - I never fully realized I was living with that belief until recently. Huge changes life really get that introspection going.

So here goes - my short term bucket list (hopefully get to these before I turn 40 - about 1 year and 4 months away - YIKES!!) 

1. Read all the fiction books in our local library (Yes - I am a book nerd!)
2. Make one new recipe a month - ( I want to use my crock-pot more often)
3. Learn to make my own clothes ( I love skirts and long shirts to wear with leggings!)
4. Finish a book ( One or the other, hahaha!)
5. Organize my own craft space 
6. Set up a sanctuary - a place of peace to sit and re-energize, pray, and ground myself.
7. Learn how to relax - this will probably be my hardest lesson to learn but one of the most important,.
8. Keep up a workout routine with my husband along with Yoga and some walking with my family, ( I have found a wonderful place to walk in town - Harris pond - it doesn't feel like you are in town anymore. This is another hard one for me because I like fast results and losing the weight I have to lose and beginning a new lifestyle that includes exercise and healthier eating is a journey that will take time. It will take small steps that will become habits - God help me!) 
9. Seek out new places in my state to visit - campgrounds, small towns, lakes, etc.
10. Hike Hermit's Peak
11. Garden every year and learn more about herbs and their medicinal properties. 
12. Sew and craft enough stuff to sell at craft fairs
13. Run a 5k with my husband
14. Make a scrapbook of all our adventures. 
15. Start using a bicycle - take rides into town.
I am sure I can come up with so much more but I think you get the idea.

Now on to the "Before I Kick The Bucket" List.

1. See the ocean! 
2. Go to the Grand Canyon
3. Take a train ride out of state  - I may add a short train ride to my short term bucket list.
4. Although I am not a sports fan I would love to take my husband to a Denver Bronco game and a  Utah Jazz game.
5. Travel through the U.S.
6. Visit France
7. Visit England - let's just say all of Europe.
8. Meet an author or two from the list of books I am reading. 
9. Buy land.
10. Have an animal sanctuary - I want to help all the lonely fur babies out there,
11. Write out our family history.
12. Open a bookstore/craft store/ coffee shop
13. Learn how to skate board - I guess I better work on my balance, hahaha!
14. Get some of my photos published 
15. Visit Canada

It is time to take that first step on this journey - the hardest step - the one that allows me to began taking care of myself. The one that allows me to learn - to believe that I am worth healing, succeeding, and living my dreams - no matter what negative words and ideas come at me from others or from within myself. 

It's time for peace - time for mending - time for healing. 

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Amy Schuler said...

Those are amazing lists. I am suprised you have never seen the Grand Canyon, aren't you fairly close. Not that I have room to say, I grew up in Utah. 🤣

I hope you are well and picking away at that list. 💜